Tips on Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

There are many different kinds of essays. A 5 paragraph essay is the most commonly used type of paper in academic writing. It consists of five main parts. In such writings we can find:

  • the introduction;

  • the body:

    • first part;

    • second part;

    • third part;

  • the conclusion.

Obviously, the example of the structure of 5 paragraph essay described above, is virtually identical to the structure of the rest essays, and consists of the three parts, which is known by everyone. The main characteristic of 5 paragraph essay outline is that the body is divided into three parts. This means that the core of your paper is triple. Now when you know about the main parts of this essay, let's look at them more closely. How to use them properly?

The introduction should be written to attract reader. In this part, you are supposed to write about the importance and relevance of the idea or events described in your essay. Explain what the essence of the theme is, and point some arguments. What you need to do is to attract and keep the attention of the reader.

The main part of each essay is body. If you wonder how to write a 5 paragraph essay, the following advice may be useful for you:

  • The first part describes the main reason. In this part you have to explain the issue that is raised in the essay.

  • The second part smoothly flows from the first, supplementing and completing it.

  • The third part leads to the ending of the essay. This part does not reveal anything new, it just flows into conclusions.

In the conclusion, the author explains the moral of an essay. It summarizes all the information described above, and may raise some discussion.

Now that you know the 5 paragraph essay template, note one more important advice. It is necessary to remember that the essay should reflect only your own point of view. Do not steal other people’s ideas; you should not plagiarize. Do not think that anyone can do anything better than you. It is better to try to write your own thoughts in the best way you can and show who you really are than to be caught on plagiarism.

You can use a 5 paragraph essay as a basis for any of your writing works. It may serve you as a guide to spread your thoughts and ideas properly and gradually. This type of essay is the most common and is considered to be the most eye-catching, which guarantees you the maximum attention of the reader. If you follow this simple plan, you can avoid useless and unnecessary information in your essay and focus the reader’s attention on the most important questions of your topic. It is in your own interests to make your writing compelling.

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