For all the shy people out there, making friends doesn’t come naturally. However, even the most social ones may face difficulties when it comes to college life. The development of new friendships depends on various factors and requires some work. Here are several pieces of advice on how to make friends in college.

Main Ways How to Meet New Friends


You might prefer living off-campus or commuting home every day, but staying in the dorm gives you many opportunities to meet new people. The first acquaintances you’ll make will be your roommates, but soon this circle will widen to people from other rooms. Dormitories are the natural habitat for students where everyone eventually becomes one big family.


One of the most natural ways to make friends in college is in classes. Even if you attend only lectures for hundreds of students, try to start a conversation with people sitting next to you. The simple fact that you’ve chosen the same class means that you have something in common. It can be hard not to get overwhelmed in a big crowd, but distancing yourself from everyone won’t bring you new friendships either.


Whether it’s your long time hobby or something you’ve always dreamt of learning, college life is the perfect time for developing your skills. One of the benefits of students clubs is that you get acquainted with people who share your interests. However, make sure to join at the beginning of the academic year in order to be on the same page with everyone in your club.

Social Events

College life is always bustling with different activities and events. They include ones held specially for freshmen who don’t know many people on campus yet. They may seem intimidating, but remember that they are designed deliberately to make your social life easier and show exactly how to meet new friends.


College life offers many opportunities to make a difference. It can be something local or global, but as long as it gets you involved in a good cause, it’s always beneficial. The same as clubs, it will introduce you to people with similar outlook and you’re bound to find good friends among them.

We know it might seem scary to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself in situations which require active social interactions. Nevertheless, you won’t be able to get the real college life experience without doing so. So put your smile on and embark on the adventure of making friends in college.