500 Word Essay Writing Assistance

Preparing a 500 word essay may seem to be a rather challenging task from the first sight. However, as far as we all know, negative thoughts toward some specific tasks assigned may only lead to a major failure. Try taking it easy and always remain enthusiastic about the upcoming work! Please, remember that it is the person’s attitude that defines his or her success in life. Also, our tips for preparing a 500 word essay will surely make your work much easier than it was before.

What Is a Descriptive 500 Word Essay Usually About?

It is a kind of an ordinary essay, which consists of three parts, providing clear descriptions of some objects, events, or phenomena in a detailed way. One may easily achieve this goal via comparison of the things or presenting some definite associations with the objects under description.

How Long Is a 500 Word Essay?

In order to answer how long is a 500 word essay, it is necessary to mention that it is usually a page and a half. However, you should be clear with the page number, as it may also depend on some specific instructions of your tutor.

Is it easy to write a 500 word essay and are there any tips to do that?

Usually, a 500 word essay consists of the main parts:

  1. Introduction of the paper, which always includes the thesis statement of the topic of interest. Make sure you spend a significant amount of time to choose the topic, as it has to be topical and sometimes even extraordinary. This will make sure that your audience will be really interested while reading the essay. You may also try thinking about some specific subtopics, which will make your future paper coherent.

  2. Body of the essay. In this part, you are obliged to:

  • Use some original approach, which will arouse a great amount of emotions among the readers;

  • Make sure you share your personal feelings regarding the issue presented in the paper;

  • Highlight the key facts;

  • Assist the audience with feeling as if he or she is present in the scenes, which you are describing in your paper.

  1. Conclusion. Make sure your conclusion is not too long and does not present any new information. The paper conclusion must only be a summary and restatement of the most vital ideas presented within the body. Thus, any fresh points must necessarily be eliminated.

When you started preparing for writing your 500 word essay, make sure you do not think stereotypically. Present fresh approach to the vision of the problems. It is necessary to make sure that your paper includes your personal thoughts on the issue. However, it also really important to carry out research, as referencing from the reliable sources will surely make your essay more credible, authoritative and worth attention.  

Thus, always try to follow the mentioned essay tips, and you will surely be satisfied with your work.

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