Analytical Essay Body Structure

Sometimes you get a task to write about obesity problems or even about the criminal justice system. These are tough tasks if to discuss them in terms of an analytical essay. In such type of an essay, the body of the paper is extremely important. You will have to thoroughly pick topic idea for each body paragraph and provide a profound explanation of each one. Besides, you will need to support your opinion and methods used by means of examples from corresponding literature. Besides, you will have to defend the thesis statement that you pick.

Main Sentence

As mentioned before, you will need to choose a topic sentence per each body paragraph. It will be a sort of a thesis statement for each paragraph. Usually, you will place the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph. This sentence has to tell the reader, what the paragraph will be about. The topic sentence should not bee to general as it will take too much time to address it. It should fit within the general analytical essay idea. But do not make the topic sentence too specific, as it should show the whole content of the paragraph instead of its details. The writer may use this sentence as a guidance to always stick to the subject and to avoid off-topic information.


You need to be painstaking to learn well how to write an analytical essay. Use the analysis in the paragraphs to develop your ideas. You can use the method of asking yourself questions in the process of writing. For example, does this idea really matter? Why is it this way? Whom can the results affect and in which way? Does it have any short-term effects? What are the possible long-term effects? Can it have an impact on the society as a whole? You may incorporate the response to these questions within the paragraphs. They will show that you have discussed the subject from a number of angles. In the essay, a student may state her/his own interpretation of the author’s choice, for example, why he or she used a specific event or symbol. 


Analytical essays cannot be based on suggestions only. The paragraphs of the body should have both a topic sentence and a number of effective examples that will support the opinion. This support can be done in a form of proper quotations, examples from scientific journals, real world cases. The function of the supporting evidence should not be underestimated. They give concrete evidence that the topic sentence has the right for existence. Besides, it is also crucial to give a brief explanation of how exactly this evidence backs the topic sentence. Avoid merely using quotations without any explanations. The reader needs to understand why you have picked this one. And it may become vivid only after you provide that explanation. Analytical essay definition clearly states that it has to include the analysis. This is what you do, when you explain every single choice of your supporting evidence. .

Concluding Sentence

There should be a concluding sentence in each body paragraph. It is similar to the conclusion a person provides for an essay. You can check any analytical essay format, and you will see that there is a concluding sentence in each paragraph. The goal of this sentence is to show, how the information in this very paragraph supports the general idea of the whole essay. An effective use of a concluding sentence helps to arrange a smooth transition from one paragraph to another. It creates a sort of a connection with the next topic sentence. This final sentence restates the idea of the whole essay in terms of the evidence provided in each separate paragraph. Make sure to always follow an analytical essay outline. The outline helps to create a suitable number of paragraphs and distribute topic ideas accordingly. It will serve as an action plan, which is very practical. Follow these steps, and you will have no problems with an analytical essay.