Writing a College Application Essay

College application essay is generally a paper about the main reasons why a person wants to apply to a college. The applicant has to state how he can contribute to a certain college and how he will benefit from studying in this establishment. Personal statement is a crucial element of any common application essay, which should be written while applying to a college, a university, or other establishment. The topic of application essay should be chosen in such a way that the applicant’s talents and skills are obvious.  

All application essays show the applicant’s real purpose, motivation, interest and reason for applying. College application essays reveal the applicants’ abilities to describe themselves objectively.  A good application essay should not include unnecessary personal information. It should be written logically, smoothly, and simply.

Tips on Writing a College Application Essay

Writing an application essay means showing how you differ from other candidates and that you are better than they are. The main aim of an application essay is to show that you deserve to study in this establishment.

In order to write a successful college application essay, you have to create a strong personal statement, i.e. the main reason you are applying to study in this college. You should describe why you are the best candidate and how the college may benefit from admitting you.

The applicant should express his individuality as well as show personal qualities and writing skills in order to create the best college application essay.

Types of Application Essays:

  • College application essay

  • Personal application essay

  • Scholarship application essay

  • Professional school application essay

  • University application essay

  • Undergraduate application essay

  • Master’s program application essay

While Writing Your Application Essay, Make Sure to Mention:

  • All your honors and awards

  • Work experience

  • Projects realized

  • Community service practice

  • Your travel experiences

  • The person that has influenced you the most

  • Your biggest accomplishment in life

Structure of the Application Essay

  • Events which have influenced your self-development

  • The situation when you accepted the great responsibility in your life

  • Your strengths and weaknesses

  • Noble aspirations to apply to a college

  • Your skills and abilities

  • Academic purposes and interests

  •  Future career goals

  • The main reason you apply

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