5 Ways to Make Friends in College

 For all the shy people out there, making friends doesn’t come naturally. However, even the most social ones may face difficulties when it comes to college life. The development of new friendships depends on various factors and requires some work. Here are several pieces of advice on how to make friends in college.

Main Ways How to Meet New Friends


Saving money in college

How to start saving

Becoming a student is a first step into the adult life – and, of course, young people are not ready for it, no matter what they might say. The first problem which they usually face is money shortage. It seems like your money just vanishes while you are studying, and you can’t get how it happens. So, in this article, we will try to provide you with some money saving tips in order to help you manage your budget while in college.

Fun or saving?

Surviving Your First Year of College

Advice for college freshmen

I’ve already graduated and must say I reminisce about college life quite often. I remember I didn’t feel at ease during my first days in college. The feelings of fear and excitement were mixed up in my head. Therefore, I’d like to introduce five tips that will help you to avoid awkwardness as well as get adjusted to your new home.

How to Win a Scholarship

When the freshmen euphoria is over, people usually start thinking about student loans they will have to pay out. However big your financial burden is, you can always try your luck and win a scholarship. Of course, the competition is going to be fierce, but, as they say, no pain, no gain. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an excellent student to apply for a scholarship. It doesn’t mean your academic performance will be ignored though, but 4.0 will be enough. I’ve prepared some scholarship tips that helped me get my “gift aid.” Check them out.