Description of Classification Essay

Do You Know What a Classification Essay Is?

When writing this type of an essay, a student who works on it should be able to sort and organize his or her points and ideas into categories.

Three recommendations that are helpful when writing a classification essay are the following:

  1. Try to arrange things into distinct categories;

  2. You have to be certain that all the categories have the same organizing principle;

  3. Try to provide examples that will be helpful for each of the essay’s categories.

Dividing an Essay into Categories

When working on a classification essay, one of the main points is to be able to divide it into categories. Be able to sort and classify things in a reasonable sequence, and try to find the appropriate category. For example, let us imagine that you have a task to sort the pile of papers on a desk. Before putting all the papers in casual piles, you have to decide what categories will be the most helpful for such a task; for instance, some of the categories may be labeled as: papers that can go in garbage; papers for urgent attention; papers that have to be read; papers that have to be given to other co-workers; or papers that have to be filed. Classification essay topics might be very different, but the main ideas behind writing them are the same.

Classification Essays Thesis Statement

When composing a thesis statement, one should remember to include the essay’s topic and the way main ideas should be classified. Sometimes, it is useful to name each of the categories.

Tips on How to Write an Effective Classification Essay

  1. First, be thorough when determining the categories; try not to leave out any of the important ones. For example, if in your essay you mention that Hawaii water sports are sailing and snorkeling, but do not mention anything about surfing, then your essay cannot be considered complete because in Hawaii, surfing is the most popular water sport. However, make sure you will not include many categories because it might blur all your classifications. For example, if the topic of your essay is sports shoes, and activity is one of your organizing principles, you should not include high heels together with running shoes or special bowling shoes. ‘What is a classification essay?’ is now a question you know the answer to.

  2. When classifying, try to do it using a single principle. After you have created the categories, be certain that all of them fit into one organizing principle. Organizing principle is the way the groups can be sorted. Try to keep steady and follow only one chosen principle. For instance, if the principle you chose is "tourist-oriented" water sports, try to write about it and avoid using an additional unifying principle, for example, "native water sports," which would have completely different categories such as canoe racing, pearl diving, or outrigger.

  3. You have to equally support each category with various examples. In each of the categories, there should be the same amount of examples as well as the amount of categories should be the same. One of the categories that is of highest importance is usually reserved for last and may require more elaboration from the writer.

Classification Transitions That Are Most Common

  • The 1st type - the 2nd type - the 3rd type

  • The 1st kind - the 2nd kind - the 3rd kind

  • The 1st group - the 2nd group - the 3rd group

Remember: When writing a classification essay, the writer’s task is to organize and sort ideas into distinct categories. There are only 3 most important steps to remember when working on an effective classification essay:

  • You have to systematize things into useful categories

  • You have to use only one organizing principle

  • You have to provide examples of things that fit into each category.

Now you obtain more information on how to write a classification essay.

Below you can find some of the sample classification essay topics:

  • Classification of US Historical Events

  • Classification of Different Countries (territory, population, etc.)

  • Classification of Sport Cars

  • Most Popular American TV Shows

  • Physiological Diseases’ Classification

You are free to choose essay topic for a classification essay you are the most familiar with.