Enjoy the Process of Writing a College Essay

Being a student means writing a college essay almost every day. Most of essays have to be short, which means that even if you have too many ideas, you have to squeeze them in a 1-5 page paper. There are different types of essays depending on the purpose of writing. If you do not know which type must be reflected in your writing, do not hesitate to get back to the writing task. Check our tips on successful essay writing.

  1. Do Not Restate the Question
    If you have a question if technology seriously influences people’s life, you should not begin your essay with the words “I think technology seriously influences people’s life because…” It is just a waste of time, as teachers do not like to read such sentences that do not include any new idea. You can start writing your paper from “Technological advancement has drastically changed people’s life…” In addition, do not repeat the question in the end of essay, especially if you have to write a college application essay.

  2. Be Specific in Your Claims
    Teachers do not like reading papers that do not reflect any specific claims. It is especially topical for college application essays, where admission officers automatically reject assignments that go around the bush. You have to understand what details your professor expects to see in the paper. Please focus on the word count in your essay. If you have to write no more than 1000 words, you must follow this requirement because teachers usually stop reading the paper when they have reached those 1000 words. In addition, do not write too complex sentences, unless your task is to submit a descriptive or narrative essay that obliges students to include many adjectives and adverbs. 40+ words in the sentence will surely confuse the reader, who can forget about the idea discussed in the beginning of the sentence.

  3. Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Conclusion
    Be it a short college essay or a multi-page thesis, you always have to end your paper with a conclusion that should not include any new information. Your ending paragraph should summarize the key points from the main body. In addition, the concluding paragraph must restate the thesis statement and include a hook, which will make your paper memorable for the reader.

  4. Think Outside the Limits
    Even if you have to write a 150 word essay, think outside the borders. Show your extraordinary thinking irrespective of the word count. Your reader must be interested in reading the paper till the end, which is possible only if you include both personal opinions and compelling evidential support to back up your claims. If you cannot write a college essay or any other writing task, do not hesitate to contact Essays-Edge.com and we will assign the most suitable writer to your order.