How to Write a Common Application Essay

Nowadays educational system does not oblige students to submit brand new essays to each college or university, because there is a solution called a common application essay. It makes the application process easier because learners do not have to spend much time on writing different essays, filling out separate application forms, etc. In addition, the number of applications to each educational establishment increases since students do not have to waste so much time on the application process. If you want to write a breathtaking essay that will surprise members of committee, please have a look at some writing tips created by writers.

  1. Not all colleges accept common application essays since some of them are not members of the Common Application. Though there are around 600 member colleges, you still have to check if your college is going to accept your common application essay or not. Moreover, read carefully every line from the requirements for application process. Some colleges ask students to submit recommendation letters from teachers or similar supplement materials. Thus, you have to be prepared for it.

  2. Do not pay special attention to essay prompts. If you check common application essay examples, you will see that many students avoid essay prompts and begin right from the introduction. Members of committee usually are reluctant to spend time on reading the prompt and simply overlook this part.

  3. Try to make your essay as unique and creative as possible. Admission officers read thousands of papers each year, which means that you have to somehow stand out from the rest of applicants. You have to present your unique personal features that make you different from others. Spend some time on brainstorming to find out what makes you special as a future student. It does not mean that you have to mention that you like to watch detective series or anything of this sort. Think about your achievements and some features that positively influence the well-being of other people. You can check some common application essay questions that will guide you in the right direction.

  4. Explore common application essay topics that will provide an insight into what this writing task presumes. If the assignment is ready, please take your time to proofread it. Admission officers usually disregard poorly written papers and your grammar mistakes can influence their decision.

Application essays are probably the worst experience for students since they determine their future career path. will be eager to work on this task instead of you. Simply provide all necessary details to your future writer about what kind of person you are and wait till for the positive results!