How to Write on Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Writing an essay is one of the most difficult assignments students encounter in their studies. There are many kinds of writing that differ in structure and topics. To succeed in composing a decent essay, you have to be familiar with its organizational pattern as it is important to construct your paper in a coherent and logical way. Due to the fact that there are multiple types of essays, you should pay attention to which one you are expected to work on before you start writing. It can be quite challenging to write on compare and contrast essay topics. Every student knows how difficult it is to compose an essay of this type as it requires critical thinking and good writing skills. Such essays are usually aimed at discussing a certain issue from a different perspective. You will have to investigate the question and explore its various aspects.

If you want to know how to write a compare and contrast essay, you should take into account the following information as there are many ways to create great essays of this type. The fundamental element of any successful essay is its elaborate structure. If you want to build a house that will last for a long time, you should lay a concrete foundation. The same rule is applied to this kind of essay. Before launching the creative process of writing your essay, make sure you understand how it should be organized and what its key components are.

To help you master the art of writing a compare and contrast essay, the given comprehensive guide will lead you through the major steps. It is important that you remember these rules and use them when composing your essay. However, you should clarify any peculiarities your task might have so that you could adjust your essay in an appropriate way. So, here are the essential structural elements your essay should have.


All contrast essay examples demonstrate that the first principal component is the introduction. The main purpose of the introduction is to present the general information about the topic you are going to discuss. Eventually, it has to guide the reader to the thesis statement.

Topic 1

Any compare and contrast essay example will show this part of the paper discussing the first aspect of the issues you compare and contrast. It is typical for such essays to investigate similarities and differences between the two topics, on which they speculate, and not mention the peculiarities of the second one at all. 

Topic 2

This part describes the second topic exclusively without mentioning the first one. You may only imply the first topic if needed. However, all attention of this section is dedicated to topic 2.

Topics 1 and 2 at Once

This part has to provide a thorough analysis of the two topics together. In a compare contrast essay, this is where all the magic happens – you compare the issues in question. It can take you more than one paragraph to provide a proper comparison.


Similar to the introduction, this part has to summarize the major ideas of the essay. When discussing compare and contrast essay topics, you should manage to provide a logical conclusion that demonstrates your understanding of the topic you have just presented. Therefore, you need to restate the thesis statement in a slightly different way to support your viewpoint.

There is another way to construct a paper on one of the compare and contrast essay topics. Introduction and conclusion are left unchanged whereas body paragraphs explain similarities and differences of the topics under discussion. First, you should discuss similarities and provide an example. Then you should talk about the differences supporting your ideas with examples. Though it seems like a doable thing, writing on compare and contrast essay topics can be quite a challenge and require much time and effort.