Write a Brilliant Paper Using a Descriptive Essay Example

A descriptive essay is an academic assignment that requires you to describe a person, object, event, place, or even some experience. The aim of this piece of writing is to develop student’s ability to give an account of something in a proper way. A significant advantage of preparing a descriptive paper is that you are free to apply imagery and different literary devices in order to describe your subject in a vivid manner. Thus, you need to remember one simple principle when writing such a paper: if the reader cannot conjure up a clear image of what you are talking about, then you fail to describe the subject properly and have to try again. Therefore, in order to produce a first-class piece of writing that will interest any reader, you should find some descriptive essay example and carefully look it through. In addition, you are recommended to use our helpful guidelines provided below.

Apply Brainstorming Techniques

There are a lot of different descriptive essay topics and your tutor may give you any one he/she likes. However, it does not mean that you have to start to panic. No. All you need to do is to brainstorm the issue given to you by the tutor. For example, if your professor requires you to describe your favorite clothes, you should write down some thoughts initially. First, choose an item that you adore the most. Let it be a trench coat. Then, jot down a few words that characterize this item. For instance, raglan sleeves, double breasted, checked lining, belt, buttons, sand color, etc. When you are done with this, you can start incorporating these words into fully developed sentences.

Use Concise and Clear Language

When writing descriptive essays, pay great attention to choosing appropriate words and phrases. They should be relevant to what you are discussing in detail, thus perfectly suiting the context. Avoid using the words that may obscure your thoughts.

Use Vivid and Expressive Words

Why should you use a word horse when you can use stallion instead? What sounds better – stormy or tempestuous? Undoubtedly, choosing expressive words instead of common ones is the right thing to do when writing a descriptive essay. Using vivid language guarantees success of your paper. Check any descriptive essay examples in order to make sure that expressive language is really important and helps a writer present the described subject appropriately.

Usage of Senses Is Advisable

When you describe a certain subject, you should appeal to the reader’s senses. It means that a listener or reader has to understand how it feels, smells, looks, tastes, etc. For example, if you write a descriptive essay about a place, make sure to depict its location, climate, and other peculiarities. Be specific and detailed.

Share Your Emotions

When you express some feelings or emotions related to the described subject, you establish rather intimate connection with the reader. Undoubtedly, they will help you unlock your descriptive potential as well as make the reader completely interested in your piece of writing.

Make a Long-Lasting Impression on a Reader

When writing a descriptive paper, you have to remember that its main aim is to make the reader completely familiar with the subject at hand. He/she should appreciate it. If, after reading an essay, the reader desperately wants to eat the ice cream you have just described, congrats! You have successfully coped with the task and can be totally proud of it. In case you experience some difficulties with your assignment, find good examples of descriptive essays on the Internet and use them as a model.

Stay Focused!

It is very easy to start incoherently mixing different thoughts when you are writing a descriptive paper. However, you have to provide a description of the subject in a logical and organized manner so that a reader comprehends it entirely. In addition, you may use some well-written descriptive essay example to see how a perfect paper should look like.