Descriptive Essay Topics and Narrative Essay Topics Selection

Descriptive essay topics you choose for your descriptive essay may be different. The main thing is that they should correspond to the main idea of every descriptive essay: describe an object, events, or some person in such a way that the reader could imagine the picture of it as if it was real.

On the other hand, narrative essays are expected to tell a story in such a way that the readers could learn something and make necessary conclusions.  

Tips on writing high quality descriptive and narrative essays:

It is always possible to order a descriptive or narrative essay example from some custom writing company online. But if you want to write your paper yourself, use the following recommendations as a basis for your work:

  • The best way to draw attention of the readers and write a really interesting paper is to tell a story from your own life. It will make the writing process easy and the story vivid and catching.

  • Do not make too long introduction. Do not postpone with your story, making too long descriptions at the beginning of you writing. It can have negative influence and reduce interest of the readers to the story.

  • Try to write to the point. Make sure that you describe your experience and emotions from what you have seen, done or lived through.

  • Write your story from your own perspective. Describe emotions, feelings and thoughts to make your narration interesting and emotional. Try to describe the event as bright as possible so that the readers could feel themselves a part of it. 

How to Make You Description Vivid

If you have problems with characterizing people or objects in your descriptive essays, do not give up. Try to answer simple questions and turn them into your story. For example, to describe some object or person do not just say how they look like, try to answer the following questions:

What do you feel looking at a person or thing? How do you percept them? How do they behave? How do they harmonize with surrounding world? or even How does it smell?

If it is some event, put yourself questions like:

What do I see? What do I hear? How it looks like? Can I compare it to something else?, etc.

If you order your descriptive essay examples online, you may see that it does not provide simple story telling. It gives broad description of things and people to make a description interesting.

One thing you should remember in the process of writing is that nothing is static in this world. We hear different sounds at the same place in different parts of the day, the rain in one place may feel different from the rain in some other place depending on different circumstances, etc. The same can be said about descriptive papers. They have to be dynamic to draw attention of the audience.

Usage of Details in Narrations

Personal narrative essay examples can give a writer a notion on how they should be written. To make your narration, it is strongly recommended to use concrete details instead of the abstract ones.

Concrete details will make your story more clear and real while abstract language can simply confuse the readers. Moreover, they can give the readers information that can help create a clear image of a situation, event or a person while abstract writing will make the story blurred.

Abstract language can be compared to the abstract art, when you cannot always say what the painter wanted to express. Some narrative essay examples show that the same can be said about writing. If you use abstract language, the reader may not understand your point from the first sight and it can ruin the first impression as well as lead to the failure of your work.

In order to avoid similar situations, use our tips to write high quality narrative and descriptive essays.