General Points of How to Create a Good Essay

Writing a good essay requires much more than just a few sentences on a free topic. It requires perfect writing skills, the ability to conduct research, and endless inspiration. Also, a student who wants to get good grades should be aware of every essay format. With our high-quality assistance you will learn how to create a good essay without spending much time and efforts. Read carefully the algorithm of the writing a good paper, and you will become a professional. First and foremost, choose a good topic. This topic should be catching and fresh to impress the professor. Believe us, the lecturers are really tired of reading the countless boring essays on similar topics. Thus, an interesting topic will help you get a few additional points. Do not choose very wide or very narrow topic. Sure, choosing a topic depends on your discipline, but we assure you that if you want to get A+ grades, you should leave the best impression by your essay. Secondly, try to research as many credible sources as possible. The list of references should include the up-to-date books and scientific journals. In these sources, the professor should see some supportive evidence of your views. Finally, if you are ready to write, think about a proper organization of the paper because all the essay formats require it.

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INTRODUCTION. Your introduction should begin with the general describing the problem and tell why this topic needs analysis. Be sure to put the thesis statement at the end of an introduction. Thesis statement will point to the main idea of the paper that should be supported throughout the assignment. Usually, thesis statement is just about one-two sentences, and it does not contain vague information. Indeed, the whole introduction should not be too long; for example it should cover a half of a page if your paper is 3-5 pages long. Be aware that APA essay format requires also an abstract before the introduction.

THE MAIN BODY. The following part is the body of the paper. It should contain good evidence and thoughts, as well as be full of fresh ideas and brand new information. The classical structure of the paper allows three main paragraphs, but you may write more if needed. Your body should be clearly divided into the paragraphs in accordance with your key points. Feel free to start every paragraph with a topical sentence and develop your idea throughout the following paragraph. Also, you may include the in-text citations that support or argue your main arguments. Remember that all the in-text citations should correspond with the sources in the reference list. In MLA essay format, this list is called Works Cited.

CONCLUSION. In the conclusion, try to summarize the key points of the essay and estimate your writing if it is possible. It should not contain citations or brand new information. Feel free to finish your paper with a thought-provoking statement, and you will leave the unforgettable impression on your professor.

To sum up the above-mentioned points, try to make your paper in accordance with the following outline and you will create a proper essay format:

1. Introduction

  • Discuss the topic

  • Provide a clear thesis statement

2. Main Body

  • The first paragraph supported with arguments (in-text citations)

  • The second paragraph supported with arguments (in-text citations)

  • The third paragraph supported with arguments (in-text citations)

3. Conclusion

  • Summarize the key points of your paper

4. Reference List (if needed)

Do not start with the body and then return to the thesis statement. Try to learn carefully the proper organization of a good academic paper. When finishing, read your essay for several times aloud to see its key mistakes and shortcomings. Finally, make sure that it is free of plagiarism and submit it in time. We guarantee that your essays will serve as essay examples for all of your friends. Still dreaming of coping with any academic essay format? Taking into account all these secrets and tips you will be aware of any essay format and reach academic success quite effortlessly!