Essay Review Instructions

Writing an essay review or a book review is an extremely exciting task. When writing a review of the book, there are standard format requirements that need to be followed. That is why this simple task may at times be a real challenge. So, what is the best way to review essay or a book? We will try to explain these writing techniques in a simple way. You will always have a specific attitude to the book you have read, either you like it or dislike. A review is actually meant to allow students to share their personal feelings about the book, essay or movie. Therefore, if you want to be good at reviewing, you should become good at reading and watching first. Before you get to the review, you need to study the source to be reviewed thoroughly.

This section will provide you with some tips on how to write a good review. We have listed a number of phases your review process will go through. Take a look at them and try to keep those phases in mind when writing you essay review.

The Core

When working on a book, or movie review essay, it is important to be acquainted with the format of a review essay. As a usual essay, a review starts with a general introduction. The introduction is followed by the core information that the author tried to highlight in a book or a movie. Sometimes this message is not expressed directly, but the reader has to arrive at it in the end. The main job of a reviewer is to get to this core idea and highlight it in the review. The fact is that this core information should be introduced in an unbiased manner. Avoid expressing your own attitude towards this core information.

Synopsis Writing

Synopsis writing is probably the most crucial part of the whole review. It has to be very precise. To make it short, a synopsis is a brief writing about the book. But the style of each synopsis depends on the reader and reviewer, as it has to do with their own understanding of the book. Avoid using review essay example for this task, as your piece of writing should be unique. After reading the book or watching a movie, every person subconsciously creates a synopsis. Thus, you can see that synopsis writing is not that challenging as it may seem. Be careful with the word choice and general tone for your synopsis. If you want the reader to understand the synopsis without problems, make it simple. A review filled with terms will confuse the reader and at times be on the way to a good understanding.

Expressing Your Opinion

Writing your own opinion, regarding the book review, is probably the most important part of the whole review. When sharing your opinion, you need to express all your ideas in a clear and logical way. Besides, you need to give a profound explanation of why you consider this book good or bad, profound or too shallow. Beware as your opinion may encourage or discourage the readers of your review to read the book or watch the movie. We offer you some useful tips to follow when expressing your personal opinion.

  • Do not confuse you readers

  • Do not express self-contradicting opinion

  • Take time to read the book well. The review should always be unbiased.

This is a simple guidance of how to write a good essay review. Do not hesitate to introduce innovative ideas in the review. But make sure that your review is one of a kind. And one more thing, try to always remain unbiased. Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation, when you lack time to prepare a perfect review. In this case you can always ask professionals how to write a review essay.