Do Not Know How to Write an Essay?

Many first-year undergraduate students face difficulties when they are assigned to make any academic writing, because often they do not even know how to write an essay. Suddenly, a description of something that earlier looked like a presentable argument does not come to hand anymore. University professors expect perfectly polished writing that creates a captivating reading experience.

That is what I thought when the time has come to mark my latest batch of midterm papers. It is hard to say that I am a professional in writing the perfect essay. When I put my last paper aside and the marking ended, I decided to do everything I can to put an end to these errors. Now I want to tell you how to write an essay without making my mistakes.

Rookie essayists, turn your attention. I folded the list of terrible mistakes while have been marking my papers. I called them the 7 Deadly Sins of Essay Writing.

The Low Word Count

Significant shortening of the word count in the essay, required by the professor, does not seem to be your best idea. If you do not know how to write a essay, better consider the word count check in your paper like a credit card check – if the limit is lower than the professor required, you get declined and risk losing all your credibility.

The Absence of Paragraphs

It is even more sad and boring than “The Neverending Story” or “The Song That Does not End”. Without the division of the text into paragraphs, the reader feels lost, placed in the middle of a cornfield and totally confused. If you are writing an essay without paragraphs, this seems reminiscent of a long and exhausting trip by train without any stopovers. By the end of your trip, even if you go to the best place in the world, you feel tired, hungry, and cranky. In such cases, the reader is unable to enjoy reading the paper. Such author cannot expect that the reader will be pleased with the essay and enjoy the reading.

Writing the Jackson Pollock Paragraph

This is where the author writes in his essay everything that only comes to his mind, hoping that at least one idea would become effective. It is very difficult to understand such kind of essays. If you do not know how to write an essay about yourself, but want to avoid writing the Jackson Pollock, try to describe just one specific idea in one paragraph and develop it. At the point where you begin to switch to another thought, just disengage and insert a break.

Scrabble Sentence Structure

In such essays, the author uses too long and complicated words. Each sentence contains a verbal participle phrases and other complicated structures. Thus, the author simply confuses the reader. When you use simple words and sentences, you show that you really know what you are talking about. In addition, it prevents you from entangling yourself.

The No Quote Disaster

If you need some essay writing tips, remember that an essay without quotes has no soul. When reading any paper professor wants substance. You do not have to provide him with Coke Zero; he wants calories! If you want to make a valid argument, you must reference direct evidence. Otherwise, you will not be able to convince anyone that you are right.

The Novel Rewrite

You have to think about how do you write an essay. If your essay simply retells the story, it is completely devoid of analysis. It is as if the author is saying: “Charlotte Bronte has been writing really well. Here is a revised copy of her writing with my additions”.

The Casa Loma

This type of essay begins excellent, but runs out of steam. It looks as if investor stopped investing in the construction in the middle of the building. By the end the Casa Loma can hardly make qualitative conclusions. The reader is left staring at the ruins and imagining what could have happened in the story.