Exploratory Essay As a Challenge for Students

There is a wide range of essay types that the students get as academic assignments at their schools, colleges, and universities. An exploratory essay is one of the types that presents certain difficulties for those who are not experienced enough in creative writing. It can perplex and confuse those students who are not well aware of the standards of academic writing and feel at a loss when they are supposed to deal with new kinds of tasks.

Exploratory essays stand out among other types of writing due to their concept: one can start preparing them without having any ideas of the possible endings. The writer is supposed to start working being not sure about his or her attitude to the subject. Moreover, the author even does not know what to say regarding the subject; thus, the outcomes of the research demonstrate what will be in the essay.

An exploratory essay can be defined as writing aimed at learning than writing aimed at showing knowledge and skills. It is a real challenge to do a new essay on the basis of the inquiry, when the writer has a look at the paper and can present a number of different arguments instead of definite one. This essay encourages the writer to broaden the knowledge and widen the outlook, while the inquiry essay introduces the author to a debate by addressing arguments one by one.

Each type of essays has its own characteristic traits. The features of exploratory essays are the following:

- The essay is focused on the question, not on the thesis presented in the introduction.

- The exploratory essay topics can be various; however, the composition of the essay is aimed at producing one of the two effects. The strategy of “in-process” results in immediacy, while artistic design is the result of the “retrospective strategy.”

- All research actions are chronicled in the essay along with the thinking of the writer. Both the rhetorical and content-oriented questions are addressed to get the possible responses to the considered problem.

- The best exploratory essay examples show that the strengths and weaknesses of every solution to a given problem are supposed to be considered in well-written exploratory essays.

- The essays can be often referred to as dialectical as they engage the antithetical positions. This dialectics either in Hegelian or Platonic style frequently results in productive contraries synthesis.

An excellent exploratory paper can be written in any discipline; however, it is important to follow the rules and adhere to the strict academic standards of writing papers. There are different topics for papers of such kind, for example:

  • The importance of sports in one’s life

  • The activity of World Health Organization and its effectiveness

  • Human rights and democracy

  • US taxation system

  • Innovative methods of teaching

  • Creativity in teaching

  • Immigration to the USA, reasons and consequences

  • Fair college admission

It is advisable to choose your favorite topics for exploratory papers. If you pick the one that arouses your genuine interest, the chance that the readers will be interested in the paper is high. The more interested you are in your writing, the more excited the readers will be. Any type of writing requires focus on the instructions, specific characteristics, peculiar requirements in terms of formatting and referencing, etc. When you get more experience and acquire new knowledge, you will upgrade your skills in academic writing. Please note that it is important to get acquainted with the best samples of the papers and aim at writing perfect papers.