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Every year, a big number of students go to college for the first time. The process of transition from a high school to college is smooth for some of them, others find it rather painful. Entering college is an exciting moment for all freshmen. They start an adult life apart from their parents and they are very happy about it. However, it is not about living without relatives. The thing is that students have to learn to live in a new place, communicate with others and make decisions on their own. Attending college, learners will understand that writing a high school essay is much easier than a college one. Besides, they will have to work more in order to succeed in studies. In such moments, they will feel a lack of support from their relatives and friends. How is it possible to survive in this situation? In order to achieve success, students have to pay attention to the following:

First of all, it is important to know how to produce a great paper in different styles such as MLA, APA, or some other. Learners have to understand that there is a big difference between high school essays and college ones. Then, it is good to know how to carry out in-depth research in order to gather reliable data for the paper. The last but not least is to find a great network that will help you adapt to college environment.

Writing any type of college essay is the most spread assignment given to students. Learners usually write papers in two most popular reference styles such as MLA and APA. It often happens that they cannot cite sources in a proper way. It becomes a real problem for undergraduates. The point is that there are different rules for citing articles, journals, books, websites, video files, etc. It is very hard to bear everything in mind. However, students can browse the Internet in order to get help. There are some online resources that give detailed information about the above-mentioned styles including Turabian, Chicago, and others. The faster you become good at writing college essays or other academic papers the better for you. There is no time like the present to start learning to write college works.

Also, students face some difficulties with doing detailed research while writing a college essay. The thing is that they do not know which resources to use to find good material for the paper. It is known that learners must use only authoritative sources to prepare an academic work of the finest quality. The best way is to use books, scientific journals, and encyclopedias written by recognized authors. Professors really appreciate students’ hard work on the assigned task. Almost all undergraduates prefer to look for data online rather than go somewhere. However, they can find a lot of useful information about the issues they deal with in their college essays in the local library. Besides, a librarian is always eager to help. Furthermore, it is also possible to buy second-hand books. They are affordable for everyone. Learners can also find some books on the Internet that can be read online. There are also some resources that can help students get already cited correctly quotations.

The fact of lack of good social networks, that can give students enthusiastic support, is also worth attention. It sometimes happens that freshmen, which are far from home, can fall under negative influence of the wrong people. It can badly affect their studies. Thus, it is very important to communicate with your classmates and try to find true friends at college. Fortunately, there are many student clubs on campus. Every learner can find there some sort of things he/she is interested in, i. e. politics, religion, art, poetry, etc.

The above-mentioned tips can help many freshmen enjoy college life to the fullest. It is indeed rich in pleasant moments. However, students do not have to forget about lectures, seminars, or exams while having fun. Studying in college is not a piece of cake. Writing a high school essay was not as complicated as that of a college paper. Learners like the fact that they not children anymore. Therefore, they have to be responsible and take each task seriously.

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