Informal Essay As an Academic Assignment

The main purpose of writing an informal essay is having fun and bringing pleasure to the readers. Such essay can be of persuasive or informative type, but in most cases it is just a presentation of opinions, attitudes, views and observations with humor and enjoyment. This type of essay lacks formality and numerous limitations typical of other academic assignments. However, a relaxed style of writing should be accompanied with strong structure, which can be less formal than in other types of academic assignments.

Informal essays written by the students are supposed to be personalized and even subjective in expressing opinions. The informal essay definition supposes that the absence of formality dictates other characteristics which make the author speak to the readers directly in a conversational style. The formal essay implies the presence of the writer without subjectivity, while informal assignment does not demand strict adherence to the standards. Non-academic sounding is absolutely appropriate in that case, although sloppiness should be avoided. 

There are a lot of informal essay examples that can be used while working on the assignment of this kind. They can demonstrate the main principles of writing and hint at the peculiar features of essays that cannot be defined as formal. The opinion essay presented below is written for The Globe and Mail. It is a vivid example of an informal essay that impresses with the excellence of the writer in involving the readers. Being written in the journalistic style, it is aimed mostly at the sophisticated readers who value fresh ideas and are interested in the opinions of other people. What are the main characteristic features of the presented essay?

  • Short paragraphs peculiar to the newspaper style written in narrow columns.

  • Conversational tone that is not typical for any formal type of writing.

  • The thesis is stated clearly.

  • The essay body contains a number of illustrations related to the presented topic.

  • The conclusion of the essay leads to a general statement that is going to be revealed in some further writings.

This example of the essay is included in this article to demonstrate how efficient informal writing can be. Furthermore, this essay explores the problem that will be interesting for you when you start writing your own essay. When you think about taking informal essays to do, look for efficient writing prompts that will both facilitate the process of writing and give you a hint on making the result interesting and well-structured. The topic for this kind of essay can be taken from any sphere of life. There are no strict limitations regarding the scope of topics or subjects to be used. Below you can see a list of topics that can be taken for the informal writing to ensure good result and appreciation of your readers.

  • The most memorable journey I have made

  • A perfect boyfriend / girlfriend

  • Celebrities that can serve as an example to follow

  • My religious beliefs

  • My views on friendship

  • Our school traditions

  • Boredom of classes I hate

  • Marriage and divorce  

Remember that you can write a good essay only if you are well-aware of the topic you have chosen, if you have experience in that sphere and you can cite numerous examples that will be interesting for your readers. Furthermore, note that it is important to take into account the interests of the people who are going to read your essay. Your target audience is supposed to be somehow involved in the sphere you are writing about. Demonstrate your personality, be creative and show your attitude in the essay that everybody will like.