Literature Essay

A literature essay is one of the academic assignments that are both interesting and challenging for students. In order to be efficient in writing papers of such kind, one should look through the writing prompts and get sufficient experience and knowledge.

Hints for the Literature Essay Writer

  1. Be brief in the introduction. Suggest the direction to be taken in the essay and indicate which aspects of the literary work you are going to focus on.

  2. Develop a plan which should be concise and clear. It is important to identify the distinct aspects to be focused and specific paragraphs from the literary work which are supposed to be examined in detail. There should be approximately six distinct points to be addressed. The essay should contain several paragraphs with smooth transitions between them, while every point to be covered is supposed to take a paragraph or two.

  3. Writing essays about literature requires sufficient evidence. Every made point is to be proved and based on facts. Think of a lawyer who provides evidence in court to win the case. You are supposed to act in a similar way to prove with evidence every comment you make regarding the plot, characters, themes, relationships, style, and other aspects of the book. Having made a point, you are supposed to refer to the text of the literary work directly. Furthermore, it is essential to add plenty of examples and quotes to support all the opinions and statements.

  4. All the quotes should be provided in strict accordance with the standards of academic writing and referencing. Every quote is to be introduced with a colon. It is a must to use the quotation marks to make it look formal. The correct layout of the quote is a demonstration of your professionalism, so pay special attention to correct referencing and formatting. It is also essential not to use too long citations. An efficient quote is maximum three or four lines long.

  5. An essay on literature is to be selective in using the text of the literary work. It is not a summary or retelling of the text you have read. A good writer always refers only to those parts which are aimed at answering some questions necessary for the essay.

  6. Keep to the topic and answer the questions which you set as target ones. It is easy to forget about the focus and make the essay too broad; however, it will impact the quality of the paper in a negative way. Having written a paragraph, you should reread it to answer the question whether the written text corresponds to the topic and contributes to revealing the main idea. If you see that a well-written paragraph does not relate to the questions, you have to rewrite it and ensure that the proper answer is given.

  7. A top-notch literature essay should have a good conclusion which summarizes all the presented points. It is one of the most important parts of the essay that is supposed to provide direct and forceful answer to the given question.

  8. The formal style is a must. This type of essay does not allow any conversational parts or chatty statements. The right tone can be set if you keep seeing yourself a lawyer in court who does his or her job impartially. However, try to be creative. You will cite the opinions and viewpoints of various experts on the literary text you have chosen; however, you are not supposed to agree with each of them. If you consider the statement to be wrong, you have the right to prove your point of view. The only rule is to be persuasive, clear and intelligent while expressing your attitude.

Here is a list of questions you are supposed to answer to check if the essay is done correctly:

  • Have you got the question and the date on the title page?

  • Are the paragraphs clear?

  • Have you provided sufficient evidence?

  • Are there five or more quotes in the essay?

  • Have you answered the given question in full?