Tips for Writing a Problem Solution Essay: Stage-by-Stage Instructions

A problem solution essay explains a certain issue and gives a detailed outline on how it might be solved. Such essays are aimed to:

  • Present the issue

  • Convince the audience that some specific issues need solution

  • Describe the solution techniques

  • Find out the best possible solution

  • Reject all the possible objections

Tips to Find Topic Ideas for the Paper

Step One: In order to write a problem solution essay, try to gather the idea for this paper by assuming about what types of issues you experience in your everyday life. Start thinking about the groups of people that you are in as well as the issues that these groups might have. Thus, prepare a list of groups that you belong to, as in the example:

  • College

  • Community

  • Clubs of interests

  • Sports leagues

  • Hobby groups

  • Language groups

Step Two: Prepare a list of the issues that you have experienced in those groups. The problem does not necessarily need to be really global, but it must seem interesting and catching for you, and may be solved in some way or at least become much better than it was before.

Step Three: As far as you chose your topic among various problem solution essay topics, you may want to check the following problem solution guide in order to become ready to prepare your well-written paper.

Find Your Own Solution to the Problem

Once you have decided what issue you would like to solve, you have to make a decision regarding the solution as well.


Introduction: Make sure you clearly state the issue and explain the reasons why it needs proper solution

  • In case the issue is unknown, you will have to explain it in a detailed way.

  • In case it is a familiar issue, then you will only have to paint a general picture.

  • In both cases, you will have to be convincing to the audience, making sure it is a vital problem and deserves attention.

Introduction Ideas

  • A story from the life of people about the issue

  • A story from your personal life

  • An imagined story that illustrates the problem

  • Statistical and factual information about the issue which makes it clear for the audience

  • Explanation of the issue with the help of the history of the problem

  • Clear description which assists the audience with seeing the essence of the issue

Present a solution: Thesis

  • Present your chosen solution in a clear way, and do not make it too long.

Body of the Problem Solution Essay

The body of your problem and solution essay will be three and more paragraphs and has to:

  1. Describe your solution in a clear way

  2. Provide the details which will help to understand in which way this solution will be helpful for solving the problem

  3. Explain in which way your proposed solution of the problem needs proper funding

  4. Provide the clear evidence of the effectiveness of your solution (expert opinions, an example of when the proposed solution worked before, statistical information, research, or logical argument).

Conclusion of the Paper

Your conclusion must sum up your argument and convince the audience that the proposed solution is the best possible one. It should also restate the thesis statement mentioned in the introduction.

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