What Is a Research Essay?

A research essay is a piece of academic writing that is always given to graduate or post-graduate students by their teachers or professors. The following type of writing is aimed at analyzing the researches or works of different scholars or researchers and comparing their thoughts, ideas, or results with those of the students. A research essay implies a well-written and  properly structured work that involves investigating different sources and presenting what students have learnt from them with their own considerations or ideas. This type of academic writing has a structure, which is typical of all the essays, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Nowadays, teachers and professors of colleges and universities offer their students a wide range of research essay topics. When you are a graduate or post-graduate student, you should write such essays in order to get excellent marks, to find a good job, and to pave the way to your prosperous future.

When a student should or must prepare his or her research essay, the first question that appears in his or her head is "how to write a research essay?" Do not be afraid of it. We will try to explain you everything in detail.

The first thing that you should do is to choose the topic that interests you a lot. If you do not know what topic to choose, try to make a list of the most interesting ones and think of their advantages or disadvantages. This will help you to make up your mind which topic will be the best option for you. In case your teacher or professor has given you a topic, do not panic. Calm down and focus on everything that is related to your topic, such as sources, researches, works, statistics, or data. In this case, you should treat your topic as a problem that should be solved by all means.

After you have chosen the topic, you should find, select and read as many up-to-date sources as possible or required. You should consider the following types of sources: library catalogues, periodicals, databases, bibliographies, books, peer-reviewed journals, and so on. Then you should decide what sources, whether primary or secondary, your research essay will be based on.

The next stage should be devoted to grouping and documenting the facts, data, and other pieces of information. For instance, you can write bibliography or reference cards, or you can group your material in accordance with its relative significance. You can also take some notes.

These are the most useful tips that could help you to start to write any research essays.

When you finish with the first stage of your research essay, you should go to the second one. You should write a research essay outline. Before doing this, you should answer the below questions:

  • What is the research essay topic?

  • Why the following topic is important?

  • What is the background of this topic?

  • What is the thesis statement?

Then, you should write your introduction. This part should include the background, specific purposes, as well as the organizational plan of your research essay.

After the introduction is completed, you should commence to write the body part. You should focus on integrating your sources or data into your discussion. Consider that your teacher or professor expects that you will analyze, summarize and evaluate some topic-related sources in your work rather than simply reporting on or citing them. And lastly, your research essay should have a good conclusion. All your findings and results should be clearly stated in your conclusion part. The focus of your attention should be on the significance of your findings.

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