Why Research Essay Topics Matter

Writing a good research essay is a challenge few students are ready to face. In all respects, choosing appropriate research essay topics is the key factor of writing success. Every student should know what he or she is going to write about. To earn the best grade, only good research essay topics should be used. Moreover, a perfectly written research essay is always based on the analysis of an issue that interests the student. It is always great to write about something you know and enjoy. However, at times, you may find it difficult to generate outstanding research essay topic ideas. You can take any topic from our list, so that you do not have to revise your paper or thesis statement, while writing. Of course, if you suddenly realize that the topic of your choice is no longer interesting to you, it is better to start everything all over again. Now look through the college research essay topics below and make your best choice.

100 Unbelievable Ideas for Your Research Project

  1. Consider and analyze the most popular means to repel insects.

  2. Explore the first athletic activities included in the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece.

  3. Research Cleopatra's legacy for Egypt and her effects on the country's development.

  4. Explain how the Global Positioning System operates.

  5. Analyze the role of the long bow in the success of English military operations.

  6. Consider the negative effects of tobacco smoking on the humanity.

  7. Review the programs available to combat veterans to help them reintegrate into their communities.

  8. Review the history of Alcatraz and see if anyone has ever escaped it.

  9. Ninjas – who are they and what do they do?

  10. What were the causes behind the collapse of the Roman Empire? This is one of the most popular research essay topics on this list.

  11. How do video games influence teenagers' motivation to study?

  12. Describe the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and its consequences for American politics.

  13. Research the effects of the Magna Carte on England.

  14. The Freedom Riders – who they were and how did they change the course of history in America?

  15. How did ancient sailors navigate through the stormy seas?

  16. How did the Salem witch trial influence the public perceptions of witchcraft?

  17. Who invented the skateboard and how did it change through the course of history?

  18. What are humans doing to promote nature preservation?

  19. Why is it so important for humans to balance sleeping with physical activity?

  20. Research the nature, complexity, and historical value of the architectural creations found in the Aztec Empire.

  21. How do steroids influence human physical and emotional health? This is one of the most interesting easy research essay topics for students, particularly those who know what steroids mean.

  22. It is possible to say that Leonardo da Vinci was more creative and talented in his inventions than, for example, Thomas Edison?

  23. Who was the first person to reach the South Pole?

  24. What was the reason Socrates was executed and how did his execution influence his cotemporaries?

  25. How are bulletproof glass items created?

  26. Roanoke – what was it and what happened to its settlers?

  27. How does the stealth technology protect passenger aircraft from radar?

  28. Has the American Patriot Act been successful at minimizing the risks of terrorism in the U.S.?

  29. Gladiators – who were they and how did they live their lives?

  30. How does climate change threaten the future of the humanity?

  31. What was the Roswell UFO incident and how did it happen?

  32. What happened to dinosaurs?

  33. What is alchemy and what scientists think about it?

  34. How did the construction of the first railroad change the transportation system in America?

  35. How was Osama bin Laden killed?

  36. What are the causes and origins of the Darfur conflicts?

  37. How do oil spills damage the environment and how can they be prevented in the future?

  38. What was behind the global financial crisis in 2008?

  39. What happened to Marilyn Monroe?

  40. How did Joan of Arc change the course of the human history?

  41. Analyze the ethical and legal issues associated with the use of non-lethal police instruments to deal with riots.

  42. How has the 9/11 tragedy changed the complexity of security measures in the transportation system?

  43. Do teenagers become more literate, when they text each other?

  44. How do Buddhist monks live their lives?

  45. Are the rates of imprisonment in America higher than in other developed countries?

  46. See what it takes to be a beehive.

  47. How black holes emerge and how they change the structure of the universe.

  48. What is the curse of Pharaohs and how dangerous is it? 

  49. What are the origins of rap and how did it evolve?

  50. How can families make their homes more energy savvy?

  51. What are the most non-typical mammals currently known to scientists?

  52.  Why is spending the whole day under the sun is dangerous for one's health?

  53. How did the invention of gunpowder change the nature, complexity, and availability of arms?

  54. How have digital technologies change the music industry?

  55. How are computer viruses created and how do they change the balance of forces in the Internet?

  56. Is gambling a serious issue nowadays?

  57. How did Julius Caesar change the politics of Ancient Rome?

  58. How does Wal-Mart change the nature of competition in the retail business?

  59. How has piracy changed the music industry?

  60. When were the first animals domesticated? How did it happen?

  61. Trace the evolution of the woman suffrage movement and analyze its effects on the U.S.

  62. Does gun ownership improve the crime situation?

  63. What is spam and is it dangerous?

  64. Analyze the effects of the Manhattan Project on the world history.

  65. Are the risks of vaccination greater than its advantages for health?

  66. How has the Cold War affected the relations between the U.S. and the communist world?

  67. What is a submarine and how does it move?

  68. How is a hamburger made?

  69. What is the Bushido code and how do samurais follow it?

  70. What are the most typical emotional disorders in the U.S. and how do they affect adult populations?

  71. Are lie detectors reliable?

  72. Is the drug war in America a serious burden for the national budget?

  73. How dangerous is underwater exploration?

  74. Does the human evolution continue today?

  75. How can a person get in contact with a dolphin?

  76. How can genetic engineering change the humanity of the future?

  77. What do intelligence agents do?

  78. What are the causes of storms and tornadoes?

  79. How can hybrid cars help save energy?

  80. Can the knowledge of physics be helpful in resolving crimes?

  81. Is there any place for censorship in the world governed by the Internet?

  82. Explore the military successes of Genghis Khan.  

  83. How is the recession of 2008 different from the Great Depression of 1929?

  84. What are the key principles behind search engines' work?

  85. How do companies create television soap operas?

  86. What is a sinkhole?

  87. What were the key dilemmas facing explorers in their journey through the West?

  88. How is the American economy different from that of Canada?

  89. How can animals see at night?

  90. Who is Dracula? What is his role and place in world literature?

  91. How can marijuana benefit the modern medicine?

  92. How does the human brain process and retrieve information?

  93. How has the first journey to the space changed human ideas about the universe?

  94. What are the drugs currently available to treat HIV?

  95. How did the public opinion change political decisions surrounding the Vietnam War?

  96. How did the black plague change the course of the European history?

  97. How did the Catholic Church perceive Martin Luther's allegations against itself?

  98. How can one see a desert mirage? 

  99. Why has the communist wall collapsed?

  100. How dangerous are the source of nuclear power?

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