Advice for college freshmen

I’ve already graduated and must say I reminisce about college life quite often. I remember I didn’t feel at ease during my first days in college. The feelings of fear and excitement were mixed up in my head. Therefore, I’d like to introduce five tips that will help you to avoid awkwardness as well as get adjusted to your new home.

  • Move out of your comfort zone. Don’t be shy and try to make friends as soon as you step into your dorm! Moreover, don’t be afraid to ask somebody for help if you aren’t sure how to deal with some problem. These small steps will make you more confident, and soon you’ll be overcoming new challenges without so much fear!
  • Timing is important. Try to be organized and do everything on time. Maybe you’ll find it quite difficult at the beginning, but believe me, you’ll undoubtedly take advantage of your time management skills later on. Moreover, college life entails various aspects such as long studying hours, clubs, sports activities, free time, etc. Therefore, time management will be of substantial help to you in order to catch up with everything!
  • College resources could be useful. If you’re writing an essay or just working in a lab, don’t forget to look for some information in the college library or resource centers. Believe me, they can contain much more information that you’d find on Google!
  • Don’t miss out any chance. Keep in touch with your college friends and colleagues as well as professors because you never know when they could help you with a job search, for example. Moreover, check out projects, courses, and exchange programs your college offers.
  • Become a member of student communities. Apart from studying hard, you should also take into account various organizations that exist in your college. It can be either a sports community or a social one. Don’t stand aside from these opportunities and opt for the ones that interest you!

So, after following these five tips, be sure, you’ll perceive college life easier! Enjoy every minute of your carefree period and don’t forget to devote time to both studying and having fun!